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451 Presentations. 155 Judges. 11 Campuses. 1,000+ Conversations. One Extraordinary Day.

We write to express our congratulations and thanks for making the RISE:2021 Virtual Expo such a remarkable event. RISE Day was, as always, filled with exciting discussions about big ideas and bold solutions—and more of them this year than ever before. This event wouldn’t have been possible without our entire community:

  • Our judges, who offered generous and insightful feedback to our presenters. We are grateful to you for sharing your time and expertise.
  • Our research and creative mentors, inside and outside Northeastern, who guide and support our learners as they embrace the possibilities of experience-driven education.
  • Our speakers and panelists, who modeled the multidisciplinary approaches that will shape our future.
  • Our sponsors--Schneider Electric, Verrill, and Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds--who believe in Northeastern’s researchers and creative practitioners.
  • Our university partners and planning committee, whose support made RISE:2021 a reality.
  • Our student presenters, who are rising to the challenges and opportunities of our moment through research and creative endeavor. You should feel proud.

At the conclusion of RISE Day, we announced winners of the People’s Choice Awards in each RISE presentation category. Congratulations to all who were selected by our audience for the People’s Choice Awards! While it took us a bit longer to tabulate the other results, we are very excited to announce the winners of the 2021 RISE and FOCUS Awards!

See the Full List of RISE:2021 Awardees!

This year’s awardees were determined through a rigorous and fair process that allowed them to stand out from a distinguished, accomplished, and expansive group. You can learn more about our process on the RISE website.

Congratulations once more to all RISE presenters, and especially to the RISE Awardees. Thank you to our entire community for making this event possible—and see you at RISE:2022!

Best wishes,

The RISE Team

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